Kermena Factory has received the certificates of ISO 9001-2015 and 14001-2015 and among the countries that Kermina exports to Senegal, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, our mission is to work in the best quality with the best materials by choosing the best people and the best designs to meet the desires of the consumer and educate the consumer with the new specifications and according to our mission


Kermina works in the Egyptian market for years with Continuous growth and providing a distinguished product with selected materials and various manufacturing methods in order to reach the dimensions of the equation, which is the quality required at the competitive price. Our products are always supported in various situations, so we are constantly researching and studying consumer opinion in covering the needs of the family and the individual in various life dealings, and therefore we are working on developing internal administrative systems and manufacturing processes, selecting team members and raising quality rates To achieve our mission and at the top level, we work on the technical sense of wrapping our products with modern designs that suit the places where the products are used

الهدف و الرؤيا